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Community Service; Transcultural Training, Excellent Service, and Effective Communication in The Context of Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC)

Submission: May 5, 2021;Published: May 10, 2021


Culture is the work of a human being that is born along with the creation of man as well as a documented hereditary in accordance with periodization. Culture is born and develops and changes along with the changing times. In progress now especially in the development of the region and globalization especially the era of ASEAN Community certainly needs an accurate understanding will be vary a culture because certainly all cultural transactions will result in an the tar of different regions, tribes, Nations, countries as well as transcontinental automated so that it takes the concept of transcultural. Problem solving is in the improvement of the status of nursing and health services with the aim of increasing order of service, shortening [1-3]. As well as improving the welfare of public health. Problem solving is done with the development of research results in the form of outreach to relevant agencies with analysis services provided to the public. The method; Outreach activities with professional Training methods are executed in the order of the regional hospital clinic in Yowari Regency Jayapura performed professionally with presenters from Health Polytechnic from Jayapura that consists of 6 Speakers and 1 speaker of the local hospitals. The Implementation of Activities; The implementation of activities carried out in cooperation with the method of «accurately between the public service Health Polytechnic the Ministry of health and Director of the Jayapura hospital management Yowari Jayapura Regency [4,5]. Implementation of activities performed based syllabus that has been created by the material submission related brazing of Health Polytechnic Yowari Kempton and hospitals. Results: based on the results of the evaluation of training on the pass by the participants that this activity is carried out very useful and should be a regular agenda in favor of a health care quality improvement. These activities should be carried out continuously and consistently and continuously be evaluated simultaneously in a given period.

Keywords: Cultural; Transcultural; Service excellent; Effective communication

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