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Missing Black Holes

  • Open or ClosePaul Schroeder*

    Independent Researcher, USA

    *Corresponding author:Paul Schroeder, Independent Researcher, 8244 Anna Ave, Wind Lake, USA

Submission: February 05, 2021;Published: March 02, 2021


There is an answer to a missing black hole in certain galaxies and it includes an explanation of the nature of black holes. There is a geometric component which affects our perspective of the nature of space including for black holes. A few simple concepts at conflict with everyday physics are useful here. Realize that everything that moves causes pressure or a push. Anything thought of a pull or an attraction is caused by a push. So, gravity is some kind of push and it functions across space. We also know that light and all other EM radiation forms move across all of space and do so at speed c. In doing so the radiation pushes down upon us and provides the effect of our gravity ‘attraction’. As there is nothing more throughout space then the radiations make up the nature of space. In response to the pressure of space/radiation upon on masses, the masses a cause specific push upon the radiation. It is the rotation of masses that causes radiation beams to swirl as they exit the rotating mass. For example, our sun rotates in about 21 days.

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