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Performance Emulsifiable Vegetable Cutting Fluid Lubricant Vermicular Cast Iron Milling Process

  • Open or CloseSartori Moreno JR*1 and Lopes da Silva G2

    1PhD Federal Technological University of Paraná, Brazil

    2Professor MsC Federal Technological University of Paraná, Brazil

    *Corresponding author:Sartori Moreno JR, Federal Technological University of Paraná, Mechanical Department, Cornelio Procópio, Brazil

Submission: September 04, 2019;Published: September 11, 2019


The vegetable-based fluids have been increasingly used in industry because, in addition to pollute less cause less harm to the operator and provide a significant improvement in tool life. To perform this job temperature sensor adjustments were made on a simulation machine Reichert Wear Test type which has the function of providing simulations of friction and wear under controlled conditions, tests which were performed with vegetable oils lubrificants.

Keywords: Reichert test; Friction; Vegetable oils

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