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Introduction to the Intellectualization of Agrotechnology Management

  • Open or CloseMikhaylenko IM*

    Agrophysical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

    *Corresponding author:Mikhaylenko IM, Agrophysical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Submission: August 01, 2019;Published: August 02, 2019


The concept of digital economy was formed in the last decade of the last century. Nicholas Negroponte, an informatics specialist, founder of the Media Labs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) [1], first formulated the fundamental principles of the digital economy. Agriculture is on the verge of the Second Green Revolution. Experts believe that, thanks to precision farming technologies (PF) based on the Internet of Things, a surge in yields of such magnitude that humanity did not see even during the advent of tractors, the invention of herbicides and genetically modified seeds may follow. By its very nature, PF implies the solution of the problem of increasing the manageability of crop production by solving a set of tasks related to the management of agricultural technologies. All this set of tasks is divided into two groups, solved in different ways and means. The first group is the tasks of organizational management that are solved by management at various levels. For their implementation in modern conditions, decision support systems (DSS) are used. The second group is the direct management of agricultural technologies, which is implemented by automated control systems (ACS). Intellectualization of management in both groups depends on the degree of participation of the person himself, which in turn is due to the scientific and technical level of the DSS and ACS projects.

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