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Morality in Phenomenological Structuralism

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    The Mocombeian Foundation Inc., USA

    *Corresponding author:Paul C Mocombe, West Virginia State University, The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc., USA

Submission: May 21, 2019;Published: July 11, 2019


This work explores the nature of morality within Paul C Mocombe’s structurationist theory of phenomenological structuralism. The author posits that morality or moral standards are associated with the linguistic and ideological desires (power and power positions) of those who control the resources and mode of production of a material resource framework via their language, ideology, ideological apparatuses, and communicative discourse (i.e., social class language game). It (moral practices and statements) constitutes a part of the superverse/multiverse as phenomenal properties of subatomic particles once disaggregated as lived experience. This does not mean that morality is universal; instead, it is contingent upon the material resource framework and the evolutionary stage of consciousness development as constituted in the aforementioned framework.

Keywords: Structurationism; Praxis; Panpsychism; Social class language game; Phenomenological structuralism; ORCH-OR theory

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