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Novel Approaches in Cancer Study

Cancer and Wounds are Similar ©

Andrew Hague*

President of Cell Sonic Limited, Manufacturers of Medical Equipment, UK

*Corresponding author:Andrew Hague, President of Cell Sonic Limited, Manufacturers of Medical Equipment, UK

Submission: April 15, 2019;Published: April 30, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/NACS.2019.02.000543

Volume2 Issue4

Where you Feel ill and Meet the Phantom Head

Go into a room at Bradford University and you soon feel ill. It is not the quietness because you can hear Professor Shepherd explaining that this is where they calibrate their electronic measuring instruments. Nor is it the gloom (Figure 1). There is enough light to see where to walk and the grey, pointed, plastic pyramids lining the roof, walls and floor are obvious enough to make this no ordinary place. Have you a headache? Are you loosing balance, or do you just want to be sick? You go out into the electronics laboratory of the engineering department and look down from this 1960s tower block on the city that used to be the centre of the world’s woollen industry. There is plenty of light through the big windows. Familiar sounds can be heard. The headache is going, and you wonder what hit you. The calibration room is more than an anechoic chamber. As well as blocking sound it blocks electro-magnetic fields. Bradford University is where mobile telecommunications were invented. They understand electro-magnetic waves (Figure 2).

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Prof Shepherd leads the way down the corridor to another, bigger laboratory where PhD students lean over their laptops and lift their heads with a smile when they see you. He introduces us to Professor Raed Abd-Alhameed who opens the door of a large refrigerator. He takes out a phantom head. It looks like a human head. It may have been. There is a hole on the top. He also lifts out from the fridge a bottle labelled phantom brain. This is liquid brain. I don’t know whether it really is and am not ready to ask. Poured into the head through the open skull, the brain can then be tested for damage from a mobile phone clamped to its ear. Another problem caused by electric waves (Figure 3). Doesn’t everyone use a smart phone? Is everyone in danger? Raed explains that the maximum time for a phone call should be six minutes. Beyond that, the brain is being damaged and probably irreparably. He knows by measuring what happened to the phantom (Figure 4).

Figure 3:spectrum

Figure 4:spectrum

Back in Professor Simon Shepherd’s office with a cup of Earl Grey tea in hand, normality is slowly returning. He explains that they consider cancer to be an electrical fault. In the first laboratory, they are measuring the permittivity of tissues and on a scale find cancer showing 9.6 and healthy cells 3.2 with nothing in between. Their instruments send signals into the body and measure the bounce-back. The technology is the same as 5G, the latest technique for mobile telephones. You suddenly realise that what works for transmitting data through air can work through other mediums. These photos of the computer screen show a 2mm tumour found in one billionth of a second by measuring permittivity. The blue lines of the graph are the input signal and the redline is the received signalthe bounce back from the tumour. The pictorial images identify the location of the tumour in the centre of the breast (Figure 5).

Cancer and Electricity

I got to know the experts at Bradford University when I gave a lecture about CellSonic to their engineering department. CellSonic has been healing wounds for many years, especially non-healing diabetic ulcers. The recent breakthrough was curing cancer. [1] and assumed it was the pressure pulses applied to the tumour that were killing cells. [2] That was the day, when I encountered electrical forces at work, that I realised there was more to this than pressure; electricity is fundamentally involved in the body and all living things.

Figure 5:spectrum

The document that guided Prof Shepherd was Dr Steve Haltiwanger’s “Electrical Properties of Cancer Cells”. [3]. I telephoned Dr Haltiwanger in Texas and was glad I did because he opened up a new world for me. He put me in touch with more people who had insights into diseases that remained mysteries for conventionally educated doctors. The establishment view is that the body is made of bio-chemistry and can be corrected and maintained by bio-chemistry, in other words, pharmaceuticals. Then, who are the establishment? They are the pharmaceutical companies, Big Pharma, makers of medical drugs. Politicians seldom understand medicine so seek the views of experts who are provided by Big Pharma. Recommendations are made which just happen to increase drug sales. This is leading to scandals. In America, the opioid crisis has addicted millions of sufferers to pain killers. The costs are crippling without any hope of curing their disease. In the rest of the world, the costs of drugs are too high for poorer countries creating a them-and-us dichotomy that leads to friction.

To talk of the body being electrical is heresy. And yet, CellSonic is curing without drugs and, moreover, succeeding where drugs have failed. What was happening in the anechoic chamber? The shielding built around the anechoic chamber blocked electro-magnetic fields (EMF) from anywhere and everywhere. By isolating the inside of the chamber, measuring instruments could be calibrated accurately in there without the interference of fields penetrating from outside. From where was the EMF coming? Outside the room felt normal. Inside, the body becomes ill. The EMF is an essential part of normality.

Electro Sensitivity

Some people are more sensitive to electricity than others. Those who are sensitive are finding modern life difficult and dangerous. Their mobile phone makes them ill. Electric lights, especially fluorescent tubes, causes headaches and dizziness. WiFi is everywhere now and they suffer inside buildings [4]. The countryside can be just as fraught with powerful EMFs along the paths of pylons (Figure 6).

Before Life on Earth

Let’s go back to the beginning, the formation of our planet, before life. Spinning in space, around the earth is the ionosphere above what is now the atmosphere. An electromagnetic field was generated in the ionosphere and it beamed onto earth. Life began in the presence of that EMF and life depended on it, all life, not just humans. Plants, fish, algae are all affected by and dependant on electrical forces. By a curious coincidence, the understanding and calculation of the EMF in the ionosphere came from a Bradfordian called Edward Appleton and the source of the EMF is now known as the Appleton Layer [5]. In 1952, the power of the forces was calculated by Otto Schuman [6] and is called the Schumann Resonances. The anechoic chamber in Bradford University was blocking the Resonance without which the body fails. It is 7.83Hz (Figure 7).

Electromagnetic Energy

A good website on this subject has been put together by Allen Eichler based on information assembled by his father, Harry Eichler. The easiest way to start is watch the four videos at http://

and note the dates. This is not new, and the men have since died. They were right and I came across them having already cured cancer with CellSonic. I was searching for an explanation. Dr Haltiwanger told me that we had developed non-surgical electroporation. By searching for electroporation, I found Dr Nordenström. He had been the chairman of the Nobel Prize committee and the opinion of the reporter in the last of the four videos was that if Nordenström’s method is correct, his discovery is far ahead of any he has judged for a Nobel Prize. Alas, for Dr Bjorn Nordenström that acclaim never came in his lifetime, so he gave his patents to China where doctors proved on many thousands of cases that he was right. Big Pharma blocked his discovery allowing people outside China to die of cancer and be treated by drugs as they deteriorated. As cancer is not a bio-chemical problem, it cannot be cured bio-chemically. It is an electrical problem requiring an electrical correction.

Figure 6:spectrum

Figure 7:spectrum

Harry Eichler lists the people over the centuries who regarded electricity as an integral part of the body. In the second video, Jorge Céspedes-Curé [7] explains that the cancer cell is a wet cell battery. He was an exceptional physicist with medicine being only part of his work; “diseases are caused by electrodynamic imbalances at a cellular level.” Prof Curé shows that inside a cell it is electrically positive and outside it is negative. It works as a wet cell battery. Around the cell is a membrane across which are proteins. The electrical transmembrane potential in a normal cell is- 70millivolts (mv). When a cell divides (replicates), which is known as the mitotic phase, the potential is-15mv (Figure 8). Interestingly, cancer cells are all- 15mv and they are dividing continuously, in other words, uncontrollably proliferating. Jorge Céspedes-Curé tells of Dr Nordenström curing cancer with electroporation. A probe connected to the positive (+) electrical current was inserted in the centre of a tumour with another probe connected to the negative (-) current so that there was an electrical current passing from inside to outside the tumour [8].

White blood cells have a negative charge [9]. An injury or a tumour has a positive charge and the immune system functions by drawing the negatively charged white cells into the positively charged area in the same way that a wet cell battery operates. As well as the white blood cells, a variety of ions including hydrogen and phosphate will be drawn to the positive centre. A closedloop circulating current and energy flow is accomplished by the transport of charged particles (ions and electrons), producing slowly varying electric currents in the human body, utilizing various conductive pathways of interstitial fluid, blood vessels, nerve fibre, muscle, etc. The healing currents are slowly varying with respect to time and are direct currents. This fact confirms that a Biologically Closed Electric Circuit is involved (Figure 9). A biologically open circuit cannot support direct current [10].

Dr. Nordenström [11] self-published a book entitled “Biologically Closed Electric Circuits” [12]. In years to come, this will be the text that should have been studied but it was too advanced for doctors with little knowledge of physics. Even today it is chemistry, not physics, which is a required subject for medical students entering university. In the 1980s, Nordenström used invasive electroporation [13]. It was difficult to be sure that one probe was inside a tumour and the other in the outside. When it worked, it worked well but the surgeon was poking probes into the body and uncertain if they were in the right place. It was CellSonic VIPP under my guidance that made the breakthrough in 2016 with non-surgical electroporation [14].

Figure 8:spectrum

Figure 9:spectrum

It is easy to use the Cell Sonic machine. Hold the shock head by hand and aim into the body at the tumour. If you are not accurate in aiming, it will not harm healthy cells and it can help to aim around the area where the tumour is believed to lie so that any stray cancer cells are intercepted. There will always be some single cells migrating because that is what they do. The shock head gives out an electro-magnetic field as well as a pressure pulse. Its duration is less than a nanosecond. The frequencies cover a wide range from high to low. It is believed that tumours have different responses to different frequencies. By good fortune, Cell Sonic’s method delivers a range of frequencies wide enough to attack all tumours. The rise time of the acoustic pulse is sudden by using electricity shorting across an electrode. This suddenness is also a likely benefit to the body cells by jerking them into a response. There is no continuous wave or steady passing of current. Just a sudden blast and then nothing until the action is repeated a quarter of a second later. It takes less than two minutes to treat a cancer tumour. There are no side effects and no drugs involved.

Various methods are proposed [15] for tumour decay with EMF:

a) Autolysis at the positive tumour produces a significant decrease in pH which helps to kill the tumour.

b) An increase in acidity at the tumour damages red blood cells, inhibiting delivery of oxygen to the tumour.

c) The low pH at the tumour site indicates a positive charge relative to surrounding normal tissue. Cancer-fighting white blood cells, with a negative charge on their membrane surface, are attracted to the tumour site.

d) The electric field at the tumour draws water away from the tumour (electro-osmosis) stressing the tumour’s weak vascular system, restricting its blood supply and making it shrink.

e) Cathodic and anodic gas formation (hydrogen, chlorine and oxygen) increases the pressure in the tumour damaging its structure and blood supply.

Wound Healing

Curé’s explanation that all diseases and infections have electrical causes throws light on Cell Sonic’s long-standing success with wound healing. Prof. Dr. J. Gutermuth and Dr. S. Baharlou of Vrije Universiteit Brussel declared in 2015 that Cell Sonic is the best of all methods for wound healing [16] (Figure 10). Professor Busch of Tübingen University found the same results in 2016 [17]. Subsequent success with cancer now appears to be unsurprising.

Understanding a wound as a wet cell battery, the same as a tumour, with a positive core and negative charge externally explains the ionic transfers, role of oxygen flow and improved vascularisation with charged white cells [18].

Figure 10:spectrum


Doctors ask for innovation but when presented with something new, they ask, “Who is already using it?” No doctor wants to be the first. Cell Sonic has been healing wounds since the company was founded over twenty years ago. The understanding that wounds and cancer behave in the same way explains the ability of Cell Sonic to stop the replication of mutating cells for that is what cancer is. Knowing also that the electrical properties of cells were explained fifty years ago and used to cure cancers is reassuring that Cell Sonic’s technology is not radically new but a big improvement on surgical electroporation. By avoiding the need to push probes into the body, Cell Sonic puts cancer treatments into the hands of all doctors, drastically reduces the cost and makes it safe for the patient and doctor. There are no side effects.


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© 2019 Andrew Hague. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.