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Novel Approaches in Cancer Study

Book Review ‘Women and Nutrition’ (Malay Version)

  • Open or Close Uqbah Iqbal*

    Life Planner, AIA Public Takaful, Malaysia

    *Corresponding author: Uqbah Iqbal, Life Planner, AIA Public Takaful, Malaysia

Submission: December 10, 2018;Published: December 14, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/NACS.2018.02.000534

Volume2 Issue1


Written by Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, balanced and orderly nutrition is essential for a woman to ensure optimum health and thus be able to carry out her duties as wives, mothers, workers and members of society. Healthy women can continue to contribute to their families and countries. This book aims to guide women on good nutrition and how to practice them in the family. This is because women are important individuals in ensuring that the family and their family members receive the best nutrition and health care. Healthy food at the individual and family level will be able to develop a healthier society and have a healthy quality of life. This booklet is hopefully useful as a helpful guide for doctors, nurses and other health professionals as an alternative to the usual approach to nutritional needs aspects among Malaysian women.

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