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Background: We aimed to present neuroophthalmological manifestations that seen in patients with systemic lymphoma.

Methods: All patients with systemic lymphoma that consulted due to ophthalmologic problems were evaluated for neuroophthalmological abnormalities. Clinical findings were recorded if any abnormality was detected.

Results: Several neuroophthalmological manifestations were founded in 16 patients. Symptoms were; ptosis, pain, diplopia and visual loss. Signs were; ophthalmoplegia, pupillary abnormalities, ptosis, visual loss, and swollen optic disc. Involvement of optic nerve (4 cases), abducens nerve (5 cases), oculomotor nerve (3 cases) and multiple cranial nerves (7 cases) was detected. In 8 cases, positive cerebro spinal fluid citology or radiodiagnostic findings were present to consider central nervous system (CNS) involvement, while in 8 cases these findings were normal. Overt CNS involvement was occurred later in additional 3 cases.

Conclusion: Systemic lymphomas can cause neuroophthalmological manifestations during disease or, as a presenting sign of primary or recurrent lymphoma. These manifestations are usually precursors of central nervous system involvement. Early detection is important for reversal of symptoms, but the prognosis is usually not favorable.

Keywords: Lymphoma; Ophthalmoplegia; Optic nerve involvement

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