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Macular Abnormality after Successful Surgery for Idiopathic Macular Hole Assessed Using Optical Coherence Tomography

  • Open or Close Nazimul Hussain1* and Anjli Hussain2

    1Department of Ophthalmology, Al Zahra Hospital, United Arab Emirates

    2Medical Retina, Al Mamzar Al Khan, United Arab Emirates

    *Corresponding author: Nazimul Hussain, Department of Ophthalmology, Al Zahra Hospital, PO Box 3499, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Submission: January 25, 2018; Published: February 23, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/MSOR.2018.01.000517

ISSN: 2578-0360
Volume1 Issue4


Purpose: Macular changes following Internal Limiting Membrane peeling after successful Macular hole closure using optical coherence tomography.

Methods: 5 eyes of 5 patients were included in the study. The inclusion criteria were idiopathic full thickness macular hole and completed at least 6 months follow up. All patients underwent optical coherence tomography assessment before and after surgery until 6 months. Macular thickness and morphology map was analyzed before and after surgery.

Results: There were 3 males and 2 females. The age range from 45 to 59 years. Conspicuous irregular surface of the inner retina on Optical Coherence Tomography surface topography was evident in all eyes at 6 months. This was also associated with downward slope of the temporal macula seen on surface topography. There was trend towards decrease in subfield thickness especially in the T1, S1, I1 and N1 6 months after surgery. The average decrease was -60.4 microns in T1, -20.4 microns in S1, -13.0 microns in I1 and -23.4 microns in N1.

Conclusion: In this small case series brilliant blue assisted ILM peeling after successful macular whole closure showed evidence of decrease in macular thickness in all first subfield quadrant and downward slope of the temporal macula as well as conspicuous irregularity of the inner retina.

Keywords: Macular hole; Internal limiting membrane; Optical coherence tomography; Macular morphology; Macular thinning

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