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Modern Research in Dentistry

Bio-Synergetic Dentistry

Ron Carlson*

Carlson Bridge Technologies, USA

*Corresponding author: Ron Carlson, Carlson Bridge Technologies, Inc. Pvt Ltd, Hawaiia, USA

Submission: June 09, 2022;Published: June 22, 2022

DOI: 10.31031/MRD.2022.07.000662

Volume7 Issue2


What is Bio-Synergetic Dentistry? Bios is Life. In a nutshell, Synergy is an awareness of knowing the whole, seeing the whole, cooperation of the whole, which cannot be revealed by any of its individual parts taken alone. For example, a human cell does not foretell the pattern or design of a human being; it is one of 80 trillion associated cells in the human body. Dentistry is the art and craft of caring for structures associated with the oral cavity.

A dental-decay (caries/cavity) on your tooth, or the bone-decay under the gum (bonedecay is known as periodontal disease/gingivitis), oral abscess, or other illness in and of itself does not disclose the condition of the body in which the event is taking place. An abscessed tooth, from a 20th Century orthodox Western dental-medical perspective, has nothing to do with any other part of the body, they say. The events are disconnected, according to them. This misapprehended conception is quickly vanishing, however.

Five-thousand-year-old Chinese acupuncture, Chinese medicine in and of itself, Ayurvedic medicine, Naturopathic medicine, Homeopathic medicine, Chiropractic medicine and more recently Western Integrative medicine shares a common thread that all the 80 trillion cells of a human body are connected, intimately, with each other, and, that the health of one area has a profound influence on and may be determinative for all others.

Over the past 40 years of practice, I have seen the slow acceptance, on the part of Western dental-medicine that there is a connection, albeit not well accepted by most. Many medical practitioners introduced to the conceptual fact that the four upper and lower front teeth (incisors) are connected, via invisible energetic-channels (Chinese Meridians) to the urinary/ reproductive system; the eye teeth (cuspids), upper and lower, to the eyes and the liver gall bladder systems; the upper premolars (first and second bicuspids) and lower molars (first and second molars) to the lung/large intestine systems; the lower premolars (first and second bicuspids) and upper molars (first and second molars) to the stomach/spleen/pancreas systems; and the wisdom teeth (third molars) upper and lower to the heart/small intestine systems, will mostly respond to you that, “you must be crazy!” Yet, the “ancient” (but now becoming “modern”) systems of health acknowledged the truth of this conceptual fact long before the advent of modern Western dental-medicine.

In any writing it seems impossible to draw together all the threads, or parts, of a system into a synergetic pattern; but if one pauses and reflects, in the History of man there was
a) a first phase, emphasizing the parts (that started centuries ago, or morespecialization); and,
b) a second phase (starting now, today), emphasizing the whole system of parts, a more sensible, complete, omni-complementary understanding.

Adepts, over several thousands of years ago, saw the intimate relationship of the
i) a-biotic (soil, rocks, minerals, water, fire, etc.), to the
ii) biotic (animals and plants), and the spirit world of the Mind (Mind field),
iii) noosphere. We called them shamanistic healers or practitioners-Shamans-who, exorcising “spirits” (invisible entities) from the individual, were common practitioners of health and essential for the whole-Spirit, Mind, and Body.

So, in a very real sense we have come from
A. Age of the Whole, to
B. Age of the Parts, and are now entering
C. Age of the Whole, anew. As with any transition from one phase-space to another, there will be resistance by those wishing to maintain status quo. Be patient with us!

In reality we are coming from the age of separation of the Spirit from health: Spirit, vertical (l), Fire, separated from Material, horizontal (-), Water, to the age of unification of Spirit-first (l), vertical, added to Material-second (-), horizontal, making a unified cross (+) True Health Science (True Medical Science) that knows healing by God as Truth.

One could model this as: (l) added to (-) equals (+), the True Cross Health Science (True Cross Medical Science), which are the unification of the Spiritual aspect of health and the Material aspect of health, the Principle of the True Cross. Until now the reverse has been true, the emphasis of the Material aspect of health (-) Water/ Physical as primary, first, with (from time to time and sparingly at that) a sprinkling of the Spiritual aspect of health (l) Fire/Spiritual as subordinate, secondary.

With this concept in mind, one may be able to see, perhaps, that the dental decay, gum abscess, gum disease, bone decay, skin infection of the mouth is a positive (+) event called “cleansing:” the Fire, vertical, {Spiritual = (l) } pushing the water, horizontal, {material = (-) } out of the physical body, to be grateful for it and manage the “cleansing” properly. This will be most challenging for all of us to accept, understand, and practice.

Energetic studies are of parts; Synergetic studies are of patterns of parts. For example, the teeth, connected to the organ systems, bones, ligaments, endocrine glands, spinal segments, vertebrae, etc., via channels of energy flow, Meridians are a Synergetic study.

Consider the possibility that a single decay (hole) in the tooth is like a cut on your skin. Once cut, the skin releases blood and fluids. A hole (cut) in the tooth is similar; it is releasing toxins, metabolites, from within the tooth-connected-meridian to the outside of the tooth, the mouth, for we now know that teeth sweat just like the skin does. This is true also for gum-bone defects known as “periodontal pockets,” a bone hole next to the tooth. The hole, in both cases, is there for a larger purpose, the release of poisontoxins from the energetic channel or Meridian, a “cleansing.” Quite truthfully, the release of the poison-toxins from the tooth itself, or the bone adjacent to the tooth, is like a volcano releasing its magma through a vent close to the peak of the volcano. If magma is not released slowly, smoothly, there may be a violent burst, earthquake, or other pressure effects to the subterranean areas of Mother Earth that will not be experienced until years later. Likewise, if we push the poisons (metabolites) back into our bodies, delay their exiting, coming out, we chance deep tissue damage and, possibly, cancer.

In September 2009 the Harvard Heart Letter wrote about the CARDIOVASCULAR CONNECTIONS, Two-way Street between heart and health. Scientific American 2001 revealed something similar, but not as comprehensive as this writing regarding the Oral- Systemic Connections to health, the fact that 72% of all bacteria in the inner layers of the arteries of the heart harbored bacteria only found in the mouth. (See the research paper Endodontic Endotoxemia:
Our Current dilemma on our web site: www. )

In the Harvard Letter introduction, it is stated, “If there were such a thing as the heart bone, it would be smack in the middle of the line of the old spiritual, ‘Dem Bones.’ Once thought of a solitary, aloof pump, the heart is now known to affect, and be affected by, all parts of the body. Some of the connections reflect the widespread impact of artery-clogging atherosclerosis. Others underscore the intimate relationship between body parts…” listing the various parts.

The article goes on to associate, in a synergetic way, the lungs, kidneys, muscles, brain, teeth and gums, eyes, thyroid gland, skin, belly fat, sex organs, bones, joints, liver, pancreas, head, skeleton, ovaries, psoriasis, ear lobe creases, baldness, gray hair, leg length, short stature, and migraine with the health of the heart.

Finally, Western medicine is finding out what you may already know. And, we may be sure that as pioneers in the field of the health experience, as we think through, reflect, write about, invent, innovate, create and demonstrate the interconnectedness of all 80 trillion cells of each human body with other humans, the bio-sphere, the a-biotic Earth, and the domains of the Spirit/Mind and beyond, the Renaissance of True Medical Science, Cross Medical Science (+) will be ushered in and embraced. Without the deep understanding of our interconnectedness to Creator-God, the Spirit, the Mind, the Body, the essential and compelling need for purification of the Spirit, Mind and Body, we shall delay the advent of the Creator’s True Medical Science.


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