Journal of Biotechnology & Bioresearch

Weed Control: Current and Prospective Approaches

  • Open or ClosePakdaman BS*

    Department of Plant Protection, University of Khuzestan, Iran

    *Corresponding author: Pakdaman BS, Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Khuzestan, Iran

Submission: June 13, 2022; Published: July 06, 2022


Weeds impose considerable yield losses to agricultural crops and cause problems in water canals, railroads, etc. Despite of long history of the human effort to manage weeds, the subject is still very challenging. This article reviews the current approaches applied in weed management and deals with new opinions concerned with weeds and their management.

Keywords: Bioherbicide; Biologicals; Biomolecule; Herbicide; Weed

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