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What We Know/Need to Know About Information in Plants and Animals

  • Open or CloseGaiseanu F*

    Research Professor, Science and Technology of Information Bucharest, Romania

    *Corresponding author: Gaiseanu F, Research Professor, Science and Technology of Information Bucharest, Romania

Submission: May 24, 2022; Published: June 20, 2022


Information is a fundamental component of the biological structures, which drive both the body structuration and behavior of plants and animals. The specific information of each species in genome/ genes is transmitted from Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) molecules to the new cells and to proteins by replication and transcription/translation processes respectively, to build/maintain the body structure. Information play also a dynamic role in the internal and external communication, assuring the adaptation to the external cues, according to the specificity of each category of plants and animals, on the entire biological evolutionary/complexity scale, operating on the basis of an informational system, with the same functional characteristics. Therefore, the question of consciousness, as effect of the activity of the informational system in plants and animals is discussed, as a natural emerging issue.

Keywords:Information; Living structures; Cognitive/sentience/decisional capabilities; Informational system of plants and animals; Consciousness/pseudo-consciousness

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