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Curcuma zerumbet (Zingiberaceae) Rhizome Extracts Thermal Characterization Through TG, DTA and DSC Analysis

  • Open or CloseShulbhi Verma*

    1 Post-Graduation on Biotechnology, Federal University of Amazonas, Brazil

    2 National Research Institute of the Amazon, Thematic Laboratory of Natural Products, Brazil

    3 Federal Technological University of Paraná Câmpus Medianeira, Brazil

    *Corresponding author: Castro M, Federal University of Amazonas, Post-Graduation on Biotechnology, Amazonas-Brazil, Av. Gal. Rodrigo Otávio Jordão Ramos, 3000, Coroado, University Campus, CEP: 69077000, Brazil

Submission: November 08, 2018;Published: November 14, 2018


The present work aims to achieve the thermal characterization of the water and hydroalcoholic extracts from the rhizome of Curcuma zerumbet through TG, DTA and DSC thermoanalytic as well phytochemical analysis from three different geographical sites. Dynamical assays at the 30 to 300 °C range were conducted so as to ascertain whether the extracts could be utilized in every food production process regardless of their temperature and studied the essential oil from them through GC-MS. The expressed results indicated these extracts cannot be utilized in the food manufacturing processes above 100 °C due to the degradation of bioactive components such as curcuminoids and/or curzerenone, compounds with pharmacological properties.

Keywords: Curcuma zerumbet; Thermogravimetry; Natural extracts

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