Journal of Biotechnology & Bioresearch

Screening and Identification of Thermophilic Glycosyl Hydrolases Producing Microorganisms

  • Open or Close Pragati Awasti1 and Smriti Shrivastava2*

    1 Amity Institute of Microbial Technology, Amity University, India

    2 Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, India

    *Corresponding author: Smriti Shrivastava, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Noida, 201313, India

Submission: July 23, 2018; Published: September 12, 2018


Increasing demand of fuel and limited non-renewable fuel sources has ignited the path for alternative source of energy. Biofuel from renewable sources is proving to be the most valuable resource in the coming years. Continuous research to enhance biofuel productivity has suggested that choice of efficient raw material and process optimization for maximal bio-fuel production is needed. Present work demonstrates screening of prominent hydrolytic microorganisms and subsequent fermentation of hydrolytic products to alcohol. Five thermophilic bacterial strains were identified as Bacillus altitudinus and Bacillus stratothermophilus and could potentially produce xylanase, cellulase and amylase at 50 °C, suggesting these enzymes to be thermotolerant. Crude enzyme extract showed maximal activity of about 11IU/ml/min. The specific activity of extract could be considerably enhanced upon partial purification and concentration. Enzymes secreted from the selected thermophilic microorganisms are expected to be thermotolerant and thus can be used for varied industrial application.

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