Journal of Biotechnology & Bioresearch

Extraction, Purification and Industrial Applications of Pectinase: A Review

Submission: July 12, 2018;; Published: August 08, 2018


Pectin is a hetero-polysaccharide molecule with 1,4-linked α-D- galacturonic acid as principle component. Pectinase enzyme is responsible for the breakage of glyosidic bonds of galacturonic acid’s residue present in pectic substances. For the production of pectinase enzyme both types of submerged and solid-state fermentation (SSF) are usually used. Mostly, the production of enzyme is found better in SSF. There are certain different techniques like filtration, dialysis, ammonium salt precipitation, gel filtration chromatography, Ion exchange chromatography and SDS-PAGE which can be applied for purification of pectinase enzyme. Pectinase plays an important role in industrial processes such as fruit juice extraction, degumming of plant fiber, waste water treatment, oil extraction, coffee and tea fermentation, paper and pulp industry.

Keywords: Biomolecule; Polysaccharide; Enzymology; Fermentation

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