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Interventions in Obesity & Diabetes

Healthcare Perceptions of Injectable Therapies for Diabetes-I

  • Open or Close Joy Dugan*

    Touro University, USA

    *Corresponding author: Joy Dugan, Associate Program Director, Joint MSPAS/MPH Program, Touro University, California, USA

Submission: June 09, 2018; Published: July 23, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/IOD.2018.01.000524

ISSN : 2578-0263
Volume1 Issue5


Diabetes mellitus is considered a global epidemic, with financial impacts beyond the cost of treatment. Multiple treatment options are available; however, many healthcare providers lack knowledge or face perceived barriers to prescription. While the American Diabetes Association publishes yearly guideline updates for the management and care of diabetes, many health care providers are unfamiliar with these guidelines. These guidelines recommend insulin and other inject able therapies early in the disease progression, yet the DAWN study demonstrated that physicians delay the initiation of insulin therapy. This paper will review the knowledge gaps, health care provider barriers, and perceptions of inject able therapies. From this review, more knowledge is needed by prescribers in the initiation and management of injectable therapies to help patients successfully reach glycemic targets

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