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Integrative Journal of Conference Proceedings

Cross Modality Leading to Sonic Seasoning with Music for Integrative Medicine (IM)

  • Open or CloseHiroshi Bando1,2*

    1Tokushima University / Medical Research, Japan

    2Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ), Shikoku Island division, Japan

    *Corresponding author: Hiroshi Bando, Tokushima University / Medical Research, Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ), Shikoku Island division, director, Tokushima, Japan

Submission: August 24, 2021;Published: September 07, 2021


Integrative Medicine (IM) has been evaluated more for long, authors have managed Shikoku Island Division, Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ). IM includes music therapy, which can conduct to decrease stressful matter and increase human well-being, associated with special condition such as smell, flavor and tasting. It means cross modality of human sensation, leading to sonic seasoning. Some examples include sweet drinks, chocolate, seafood restaurant, coffee, and so on. Related with crossmodal pairing, sonic seasoning will be more required for academic and commercial fields. The perspectives for music and nutrition in IM region will be expected to develop in the future.

Keywords: Integrative medicine (IM); Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ); Music therapy; Cross modality; Sonic seasoning; Crossmodal pairing

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