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Integrative Journal of Conference Proceedings

Regaining Momentum: Enhancing Self- Criticism and Perseverance through Artsbased Entrepreneurship Education

  • Open or CloseSandberg B1* and Reckhenrich J2

    1HTW Berlin Business School, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany

    2Jörg Reckhenrich Strategische Kreativität, Germany

    *Corresponding author:Sandberg B, HTW Berlin Business School, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany

Submission: January 18, 2021;Published: February 11, 2021


In the discourse on arts-based learning for business applications, entrepreneurship is a blind spot betwixt applications in organizational and human resources development. Artistic practice is acknowledged as a blueprint for communication and leadership skills, but its potential for self-management in entrepreneurial settings is widely ignored although artists and entrepreneurs resemble each other in some personality traits, and business creation is related to the artistic process. Entrepreneurship education is usually focused on specialist skills and methodical expertise while neglecting soft skills such as perseverance and reflectivity. Our essay addresses these three gaps by introducing arts-based learning to entrepreneurship education and highlighting artists’ ability to cope with inevitable creative crises, to act out productive dissatisfaction, and to strive persistently for a result that is unknown to begin with. Our line of argumentation starts with illustrated investigation of the artistic practice that notions of productive dissatisfaction and perseverance were derived from. Based on individual practical knowledge and a review of artists’ statements, we compiled a list of attitudes and artistic behaviour patterns that are suitable for escaping stagnation. Starting from shortcomings in entrepreneurship education, we point out the potential of adopting an artistic mindset and give an example of trainings in arts-based entrepreneurship education. A successful entrepreneur who admits the benefits of visual arts for starting a business tops off the reflections.

Keywords: Arts-based learning; Entrepreneurial learning; Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship education; Perseverance; Personality competence; Self-criticism

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