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Social Character of Space, Lived Experiences and Storytelling in Architecture

  • Open or CloseSevinç Kurt1* and Ahmet Saymanlier1

    1Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture,Cyprus International University,Cyprus

    *Corresponding author:Sevinc Kurt,Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Cyprus International University, Cyprus

Submission: December 02, 2020;Published: January 18, 2021


For Lefebvre, space is always loaded with social values, and hypothesized that social connections are repeated day by day. He also discusses the idea of spatial configuration and pictures it in human activity by using the term ‘spatial practice’ [1]. He also claimed that built environment has been created according to many constraints; most of the time in reference to ‘lived experience’ (1991, p. 190). Relatively, Kahn L [2] defined architecture as “…the thoughtful making of spaces.” Parallel to Rasmussen SE, et al. [3] and Bachelard G, et al. [4] idea of describing space as experience, the claim of the architectural design for the fulfilment of human needs is evolved from the “scenario” of the events that are directly related to human actions and human relations.

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