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Integrative Journal of Conference Proceedings

Art Therapy with Interactive Viewing Will Bring Empathy Leading to Health and Care

Submission: August 24, 2020;Published: September 08, 2020


Integrative medicine (IM) has attracted worldwide attention in recent years. From the perspective of art therapy, there will be some changes in art in hospitals, medicine, medical practice and medical education. Authors have developed art in hospitals using masking tapes. Originally, hospitals and museums have a lot in common. There is professional in the museum, a curator which is from the Latin word curare, meaning care. Through interactive viewing, natural empathy would be obtained for the feelings and thinking of other people. Empathy would be a high-level “caring” in the clinical setting associated with stable logic and objectivity

Keywords:Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ); Art therapy; Art in hospitals; Interactive viewing; Empathy

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