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Integrative Journal of Conference Proceedings

Various Care Option of Integrative Medicine from the Viewpoint of Patient-Oriented Medicine

Submission: December 20, 2019;Published: January 10, 2020


Authors and colleagues have managed Shikoku Island division of Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ) and continued various activities. There were several important conferences in 2019 concerning Integrative Medicine (IM) and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies held the 4th cancer rehabilitation seminar in Nagoya, as cooperation with IMJ in May. There was annual congress of our Shikoku division in October, with 14 various lectures such as music therapy, chiropractic, rehabilitation, Hinohara-ism and so on. Annual IMJ congress was held at Kagoshima in December with 1000 attendees and 100 presentations. The keynote speech by Dr. Noriko Yoshida was impressive for remarkable projects, such as national health project, long life & treasure child project, music exercise therapy with traditional song and dance, centenarian research project, island health thalasso-tourism, and psychotherapy. Author gave comments about mindfulness originated from Budhism, Pythagoreanism from Pythagoras and Hinohara-ism from famous Japanese physician Shigeaki Hinohara. These philosophies have common aspect of patient-oriented medicine, which are crucial element for IM and CAM.

Keywords: Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ); Hippocratic oath; Hinohara-ism; Patient-oriented medicine; Pythagoras; Mindfulness

Abbreviation: IM: Integrative Medicine; CAM: Complementary and Alternative Medicine; IMJ: Integrative Medicine Japan

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