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Endoscopic Treatments of Pancreatic Incomplete Divisum (PID) in 20 Cases - Especially About Our New Procedures: Rendezvous Pre-Cut Method and Reverse Balloon Method

Submission: January 23, 2020; Published: February 04, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/GMR.2020.03.000585

ISSN 2637-7632
Volume4 Issue2


We have experienced 27 cases of pancreatic incomplete divisum (PID), a type of malformation of the pancreatic duct, in the past 5 years. They consisted of 19 male and 8 female, aged 13-82 y/o. Symptomatic 21 cases were 19 male (calcified 18, non-calcified 1) and 2 female (non-calcified 1, IPMN 1). Asymptomatic cases were 6 (1 non-calcified male,5 female-all were non-users of alcohol. 3 cases were complicated with pseudocysts. Treatment procedures consisted of ESWL+endoscopy (via major papilla) 2, ESWL+endoscopy (via minor)13, endoscopy alone 4 (via minor).

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