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Improved Version of Cancer Evo-Dev, a Novel Scientific Hypothesis Derived From Advances in Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)-Induced Hepatocarcinogenesis

  • Open or Close Guangwen Cao*

    Department of Epidemiology, Second Military Medical University, PR China

    *Corresponding author: Guangwen Cao, Department of Epidemiology, Second Military Medical University, 800 Xiang-yin Rd., Shanghai 200433, PR China

Submission: February 17, 2018; Published: March 06, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/GMR.2018.01.000512

ISSN 2637-7632
Volume1 Issue3


A novel scientific hypothesis Cancer Evo-Dev is presented based on hepatitis B virus (HBV)-induced carcinogenesis. The framework of improved version covers following aspects. Interaction of genetic predispositions and environmental insults contribute to non-resolving inflammation. Inflammatory factors promote somatic mutations in the viral or human genomes via inducing imbalance between the mutagenic force and mutationrepairing force. The inflammatory microenvironment selects mutated viruses and the virus-altered host cells, and also drives retro-differentiation of the mutated host cells into cancer stem-like cells. Cancer stem-like cells preferentially utilize glycolysis for energy production to survive and also for generating the raw material to proliferate themselves in the hostile microenvironment. Key molecules involved in this evolutionary-developmental process of Cancer Evo-Dev can be applied for the prediction, prophylaxis, and targeted treatment of malignant diseases.

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