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Global Journal of Endocrinological Metabolism

Clinical Conditions in Stress and Somatoform Disorders

Submission: December 06, 2020 Published: December 14, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/GJEM.2021.03.000559

ISSN 2637-8019
Volume3 Issue2


The psychosomatist must have, in addition to the understanding of the organic, structural and functional disorders the criteria for observing elements of the science of the unconscious world and its paleological aspects in order to be able to demonstrate the real aspect of the symptoms. In this way, both the doctor and the patient can demonstrate an act of hope at the understanding of the roots of the problem aswell as faith of getting close to the achievable truth, so as to not cease to increase in comprehension and thus, both patients and psychosomatist, have the opportunity for further growth. Emotional stress can act in two ways: one, through the low serotonin and decreased cortisol constituting apathetic depression, and the other by increasing cortisol, leading to anxiety depression, both of endogenous aspect. In patients with “pain profile”, there are verbally abusive, aggressive parents with disorders of interpersonal and conjugal relationships, dominating, but affective only when the patient was sick. In addition to the substance P (pain production substance) they found that the decrease in beta-endorphin, encephalin and more recently, neurocin and nerve growth factor, exerting evident influence on the pain process. Psychoanalysis and group analytical psychotherapy have given excellent results for the disappearance of pain. Prolonged stress produces endorphins and suppresses NK killer cells and thus dysplasia in cells may appear. The psychosomatist should not be a being in the world (passive or tantic existence) but rather to be in the world (active, constructive and libidic). It is very strange that this society and this journal founded by psychoanalysts were not properly mentioned in the editorial of this commemoration, the psychoanalytic contribution that revolutionized the etiopathogenic concepts.

Keywords: Psychosomatic; Somatoform disorders; Anxiety; Depression; Psychoanalysis; Stress

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