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Global Journal of Endocrinological Metabolism

Horsegram Induced Gynecomastia

Submission: April 04, 2018; Published: April 27, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/GJEM.2018.02.000531

ISSN 2637-8019
Volume2 Issue2


Gynecomastia is benign enlargement of male breast. It is caused by high estrogen to androgen ratio, attributable to various causes of estrogen excess or androgen deficiency. Herewith we report a case of gynecomastia in a middle aged man due to excess consumption of horse-gram, containing flavonoids which are estrogenic compounds. Gynecomastia regressed gradually after stopping horse-gram consumption, without any other medical or surgical interventions.

Keywords: Gynecomastia; Horse-gram; Flavonoids

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