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Global Journal of Endocrinological Metabolism

Confusion over Guidelines about Desirable Goals in Subjects with Diabetes, Hypertension and Dyslipidemia
  • Open or Close Udaya M Kabadi*

    Broadlawns Medical Center, University of Iowa, USA

    *Corresponding author: Udaya M Kabadi, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University of Iowa, Berkshire Parkway, Iowa, USA

Submission: April 04, 2018; Published: April 09, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/GJEM.2018.01.000522

ISSN 2637-8019
Volume1 Issue5


Recently, American College of Physicians published new guidelines regarding desirable glycemic goal of HbA1c, 7-8% in subjects with type 2 diabetes [1]. Apparently, the guidelines are liberal or looser in comparison to those of HbA1c <6.5% or 7.0% established by several organizations including American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, American Diabetes Association, European Association for the Study of Diabetes, American Association of Diabetes Educators and Endocrine Society [2-5]. Moreover, the liberal glycemic guidelines are consistent with the policy of ACP regarding management of hyperglycaemia in hospitalized subjects, 140-200mg/dl in contrast to 140-180mg/ dl recommended by the same other organizations as well [6]. The efforts of these specialty organizations in refuting ACP guidelines are laudable. Finally, it is surprising that these multiple variable guidelines recommended by various organizations are apparently derived following examination and evaluation of the same data in the literature. Fortunately, all organizations recommend individualized glycaemia targets for individual subjects based on life expectancy, duration of the disorder, presence of micro and macro vascular complications and other co-morbidities as well as well as hypoglycaemia awareness.

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