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Global Journal of Endocrinological Metabolism

Vascular Complications in Diabetes Mellitus

Submission: September 14, 2017; Published: October 24, 2017

DOI: 10.31031/GJEM.2017.01.000506

ISSN 2637-8019
Volume1 Issue2


Vascular complications are pivotal to the devastating effects of diabetes mellitus, and occur as a result of hyperglycemia engendered link between the disease and oxidative stress. In the diabetics, vascular tissues are damaged due to hyperglycemia-mediated free radicals, particularly through oxidation of essential biomoecules such as DNA, proteins and lipids in these tissues. Depending on the type of blood vessels affected, there are different categories of diabetic complications. The two major ones are micro vascular and macro vascular complications. The latter indicates damage to small blood vessels, while the former describes damage to large blood vessels. This mini-review provides some important information on vascular complications in the diabetics.

Keywords: Vascular; Complications; Diabetes mellitus

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