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Gerontology & Geriatrics Studies

Processes of the Old Period in A Bio Electronic Model of Life

Adam Adamsk*

University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland

*Corresponding author: Adam Adamsk, Faculty of Ethnology and Science Educational in Cieszyn, University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland

Submission: January 18, 2018; Published: March 22, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/GGS.2018.02.000546

ISSN : 2578-0093
Volume2 Issue5


Life in the quantum scale can be considered for linking elementary particles with wave phenomena in bio plasma supported biochemically. Biochemical model explains the intricate mechanisms of mental life. It should be noted that bioelectronics and quantum psychology opens up new prospects for science. The unknown life, hidden in sizes, model, allows a different perspective on both the biological mass and mental processes.

Keywords: Bio electronic processes; Transformation; Bioplasma; Perception

Bio Electronic Model for Mental Processes

Human life is not just a matter of biology and biochemistry, but also provides the structure cybernetic-information and bio electronic, which has an impact on health, disease and human behaviour. This bio electronic structure creates "homo electronics" with its electronic personality. In this new bio electronic paradigm one can notice quantum psychology and human cognition in terms of quantum processes occurring in the biological system, which is understood as a bio electronic device that processes, stores and manages information. This model shows that the same particles that constitute the molecular substrate of biochemical reactions are also a manufacturer of biological structures, such as proteins, melanin, nucleic acids, bones, etc., which are an electronic material having piezoelectric, pyroelectric, ferroelectric and semiconductor properties [1-5].

Apart from using biochemical channels, a human biological system, in order to transfer information uses electromagnetic, acustic, solition waves, spin waves, electric field, electromagnetic and torsion fields as well as bio plasma. This communication does not only apply in biological processes, but also in all mental functions. Control of the human biological system is accomplished by a grid of information channels: electron, photon, phonons, soliton, magnon, ionic and bio plasma. Each of these channels may in itself be a carrier of information to a biological system, or it can function as a team in the bio plasma system [1-5].

The author's thesis claiming that the biochemical model explains the poor the complex mechanisms of mental life [6,7]. The transmission from inanimate matter to living matter cannot be explained. He still cannot explain the nature of consciousness and the transition from inanimate matter to living one. Where is the threshold and what is the role of biochemical processes in consistency of soma and consciousness as well as in building a mental structure. The author supports the thesis that the nature of mental processes is inexplicable as far as interactions of biochemical processes are concerned and it is much easier to describe it in the light of quantum processes [8-15].

According to the author of the work melanin and lens' cells can be seen from the perspective of the waveguides. The light in the waveguides would be used to switch to a different light and could replace electrons, which are used in transistors.. In the sense of sight there are opto electronic bio computers that function using solitons as well as quantum computers directed by the principles of quantum computing. Solition bio computer is responsible for processing the solition material taken from the Cosmos and transmitting it to bio plasma giving it a high density of information [10,11].

DNA generates the laser light [16,17] that is needed for the formation of Bose-Einstein condensate [13]. This condensate is capable of producing solitons that provide information for the biological system. The biological membranes contain the cholesterol that is the superconductor needed to create the Josephson junction. The connector is able to generate a soliton wave under the influence of an electric field. The electric field arises from the piezoelectric, piroelectric and ferroelectric effect [14].

Light and electric field are the most important factor in regulating the biosynthesis of melanin, the absence of these factors results in the biosynthesis of melatonin. Melanin reduces the amount of free radicals in the biological system. During its synthesis, a spin wave is generated, which is a generator of magnons. The most important feature of melanins is the ability to absorb light absorption, retention, storage and renewal of energy [18]. Protects against oxidative stress by scavenging reactive free radicals - peroxyl, hydroxyl and singlet oxygen quenching of excited states [19].

Melanin gives us a sense of time in existential format. She is responsible for the whole process of adaptation to the environment, mental development, the development of attention and perceptual experience, which, together with an increase in melanin and neuromelanin, gain better focus and quality. Melanin is very strongly correlated with melatonin. This disorder leads to different correlation psychiatric dysfunction. It is noticeable in the anorexia, winter depression, child hyperactivity in various diseases such as; phenyloketonuria, etc. Parkisnsons. Sensory organs due to melanin and melatonin beyond the ability to integrate sensory information to form a coherent picture [6].

Melatonin provides information on the time of day and the time of year for each tissue. Melatonin functions as an internal clock. Measuring the time for seasonal phenomena, processes of adaptation and development, for example. Adolescence - Melatonin activates sexual drive, directs the process of pregnancy, etc. [9].

Bio Computer Management of the Human Biological System

Quantum bio computer that is powered by the electric field resulting from the photoconductivity, piezo and pyroelectric properties of biological structures, processes and organizes the perceptual image and then transmits it to bioplasma. Image from the space acquired by bioplasma is evaluated and compared with its own pattern. Then, bioplasma corrects this image and creates a uniqueess' of the organism with its energetic and informative balance, which is responsible for the structure of personality. Bioplasma determines the age, state of health, disease, ways of thinking and human behaviour. Human biological system has the ability not only to adopt the solitons from the cosmos, but it can them also produce alone, through the condensate of Bose Einstein and Josephson's connector and bio plasm. Solitons generated from the human body are transferred to the cosmos, as well as to the brains of different people in the form of messages or directives. In psychology, this phenomenon is known and referred to as telepathy It is also noticeable in everyday life when one speaks of someone and that person at that time appears in the group of people that talk about them [11,12].

In terms Hameroff neural networks of the brain together with synaptic connections and transmission of information, the analogy can be considered as traditional computers. However, synapses and neurons have a complex structure and should be considered as biocomputers (nanoprocesors). They are distinguished in that they have a high capacity for parallel processing (computing parallell) in microfilaments, microtubules, together with all the cytoskeleton. Performance cells should be considered in the context of a dynamic, but not static. The cytoskeleton is capable of collective processing of information in a cell area at the molecular level, and acts as a computer claster. In learning to understand the functioning of the cytoskeleton constructed many models clusters, but they did not meet the expected results. Research shows that artificial neural networks are not able to accurately reproduce the features that occur in the brain. Namely are not able to accurately determine the hierarchy of information changing in a dynamic way the brain has no problem [20].

Biocomputers should not be underestimated and the laws of quantum computing should be used for further research. Quantum information shows that such phenomena as: interference of wave functions, quantum parallelism, superposition of states, quantum entanglement and coherence can be used for computational calculations in quantum computers [21]. Spintronics-takes into account, in addition to the mass and charge of the electron, also its spin. Spintronics shows that instead of the level of electric current or light intensity, the information can send the spin direction (left or right). Synchronization of the spins causes the recording of the memory. Particles can remain in a superposition state, i.e. their spin can be both positive and negative at the same time. This means that such a molecule has simultaneously the state "0" and "1" and the entire infinite sequence of values between these states.

If the emission of coherent light is disturbed in the bioplasma structure, in the spin wave, acoustic wave or inadequate cooperation between solitons, bioplasm and simulation of biocomputers, then there is a poor interpretation of patterns from the bioplasma and leads to mental disorders in the form of: mental illness, depression, neuroses, disorders emotional, etc. as well as leading to somatic changes [14].

The role of bioplasma is: integration, storage and management of information and energy processes in the human biological system. According to Sedlaka bioplasma all "know" what’s in it and around it makes,. Tells about the energy situation and the whole part. Bioplasma creates a state of matter, which is unity in diversity. It is a center of life and the material substrate of consciousness [3,5].

Consciousness is a dynamic structure of quantum-information- cybernetic processes occurring in the brain’s bioplasm, which is in synergic cooperation with the biocomputer simulation, guided by the emission of coherent light, modulated by the solitons and spin wave [12,22-25].


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© 2018 Adam Adamsk. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.