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Gerontology & Geriatrics Studies

Near-Death Experiences and Immortality from the Perspective of an Informational Modeling of Consciousness

Florin Gaiseanu*

Senior Researcher 1-st Degree (Professor), Bucharest, Romania

*Corresponding author: Florin Gaiseanu, Senior Researcher 1-st Degree (Professor), Information Science and Technology, Bucharest, Romania

Submission: March 06, 2018; Published: March 09, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/GGS.2018.02.000538

ISSN : 2578-0093
Volume2 Issue3


The questions concerning "who we are", "where we go to", and "where we come from", preoccupied the humanity from immemorial times. During the last few decades, with the accelerated improvement of the investigation methods and of the advanced successful interventions allowing the life salvation, there have been reported some attempts to correlate the psychic phenomena with the body status by the recuperation, analysis and explanation of the symptoms recorded during the near-death experiences. Such special situations, in which the heart and the brain, the support of mental activities, cease their activity, has become a fundamental tool to investigate the consciousness associated phenomena during the arrest status of the fundamental processes of the life. The fundamental question actually is whether consciousness really continues to exist even if the body has ceased its function by stopping the heartbeat and brain support activities [1,2].

An answer to such a question goes toward even further questions: can there be "life" beyond the death [3]? This exciting question includes also several aspects: what is consciousness and which is its nature [4]? Could consciousness exist as a disembodied entity? To answer these fundamental questions of existence, the collaboration of several disciplines such as neurology, psychology, medicine, biology, pharmacology and also physics, to call only the most important of them, is necessary, the geriatrics finding suitable responses within the multidisciplinary researches to its various questions related to the life prolongation and the improvement of the life quality. Within such a context, it was recently developed an informational model of consciousness, which can offer response to the above questions, based on the last discoveries of the quantum physics and cosmology [4,5].

According to this model, consciousness is an informational system of the human body, working by the collaboration between various informational centers connected to external sensors (the well known five senses-sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), to the internal ones (pain, hunger, thirst, the needs of the body in general), and to execution elements (mainly the muscle), which were suggestively named as follows:

    i. Iknow, representing the data "library" (the memory), where it is accumulated the personal experience;

    ii. Iwant, which elaborates the decision after the processing of the available data (we may refer to it as a decision and intelligence center), forming together with the cener Ilove (described below) the attitude, as the informational output for the operative adaptation;

    iii. Ilove, representing the feelings and the emotions, recorded also in the center Iknow;

    iv. Iam , responsible with the (subconscious) automatic informational activity of the specific body process maintenance, especially that referred to the matter processing;

    v. Icreate , representing the center for the transmission of genetic information, as a codified (matter-related) informational output, assuring the species survival;

    vi. Icreated, which is the genetic input informational generator, inherited from the parents;

    vii. Ibelieve, which is the center representing the antientropic pole of the human being, connected-according to this model- to the antientropic pole of the universe [5,6], formed by antimatter (supposed to be dark matter), with complementary (antagonic) properties with respect to the matter properties [4,7] and which seems to explain the shape and structure of the galaxies [8].

Its most important characteristic is antientropy (acting as antigravity [2]), which favorably assists the processes, mechanisms and the structures of life, because it is opposed to the increase of entropy, a matter characteristic which tends to disorganize the matter systems [4,2]. Although dark matter is farway in the universe, the antigravitational (then antientropic) field is also active in our universe.

    Some remarkable properties of such a system are the following:

    (i) The associated time has a revers arrow with respect to our time, that means the events flow from the future to the present, explaining the premonition phenomena [4];

    (ii) The antigravitational field decreases the gravity attraction, explaining the psychokinesis [4], a phenomenon consisting in the movement of the objects by the mind power of the exercised persons;

    (iii) Could explain the near-death observed phenomena [2].

Consciousness is therefore an informational system of the human body, reflecting the results of the informational activity based on the integration of the signals received from the internal and external sensors, and on the reactivity response for the adaptation and survival [5,9]. I is the personal life experience having an antientropic character, because represents the accumulated experience, organized to assure the survival. (Iwant +Ilove,) determining the attitude is also antientropic, oriented to the adaptation and therefore for survival. Iam , as a maintenance informational manager, assures the present survival of the body, Icreate as a genetic input generator coming from the parents (then from the past), reflect, as a genetic informational output assures the future species survival by reproduction, while Icreated acts as a genetic input generator coming from the parents (then from the past), reflected in consciousness by predispositions and mentality, operating for the body (antientropic) development according to the age. Ibelieve is reflected in consciousness as a protective, stability and safety center, as connected to the pole favorable to the life, so consciousness as a whole is antientropic, oriented to support the life and its attributes, taken from the past, maintained during the present and transmitted to the future.

The main common related near-death experiences can be characterized by the following features: the visualization of own body from an external (upper) side, peace and happiness, the regress to the infancy, the crossing of a tube and the encounter meeting with close persons and family. These phenomena can be explained as a consequence of the properties of consciousness described above, in correlation with a recent discovery of the disembody phenomena observed within a system of particles, showing that their properties (so information) could be separated by their mass [10,11]. This discovery, together with other arguments, indicating that information is a fundamental component of matter [12, 13], permits to define an informational field of matter, where the thought could acts as an informational operator and can explore directly this field [4,5]. The possibility of the though to "scan" directly this field explains in this way [5] the remote diagnostic processes [14].

As information can be separated from matter, the consciousness, as a coherently conserved information entity, can be also separated from the body, according to the observations during the clinical near-death experiences. It is situated on the reverse time axis, as an antientropic, independent entity, from the present to the past, that because it belongs to an antientropic field. As disconnected from the internal and external sensor signals from the body, it remains to perceive directly the matter information on the informational field. The sensation of peace and happiness comes from its liberation from the matter body during the disembody process. Becoming therefore a "free" information entity, the "tube" visualization could be a consequence of the transit between the high matter density zone (body) and "free of matter" space, showing a similar curvature as near the black hole. The "meeting” with the intimate persons and family members is explained by their previous integration during the life into the informational baggage of personal consciousness. The "final judgment" of the good and bad facts accumulated during the life, can be interpreted by a comparison process between the acquired experience and the origin informational matrix, pointing out the possible deviations from the alignment with the correct origin features suitable to correctly support the life.

Following this line, it would result actually that consciousness, including the acquired experience and the specific body information contained in each center, becomes an independent informational entity, supporting itself its out-of-body existence (as soul), at least for a certain time. Is this time really limited? Maybe not. Could be called this process the passing to immortality of the human being? By the prism of the described informational model yes, it is possible. As this model is able to explain a large range of observed phenomena as discussed above, its extension to a possible immortality conclusion is obvious and closely justified. A similar conclusion was derived recently on the basis of a quantum model of consciousness, localizing the fundamental activity of the brain on some small structure arrays called microtubules in the nervous cells, supposed to act as quantum resonators [15].

The common efforts of the sciences asked to imply themselves in such a noble researches addressed to such big questions of the human existence and life, will be able to confirm the evidences predicted by this model. According to it, the organism is actually a system for the capture, processing and transmission of information, supported by an antientropic force, contrary to the action of the entropic force of matter, which tends to disorganize it. The conscious informational system consisting in (Iknown+ Iwant +Ilove)assists the operative adaptation for the survival, while the subconscious system consisting in (Iam +Icreate +Icreated ) assures the development/maintenance of the body and the transmission of the genetic information to the next generation. The aging can be therefore regarded as a natural consequence of the confrontation between the antientropic (antigravitational) force of dark matter and the entropic (gravitational) force of matter disorganizing finally the body structure; even some other implied forces would not intervene. The dynamic equilibrium between these forces determines in any moment the health and the life maintenance.


The author expresses his memorial thanks to Professors Emanoil and Florica Gaiseanu and also to Professors Constantin Gaiseanu and Pantelie Tutuleasa.


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© 2018 Florin Gaiseanu. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.