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Gerontology & Geriatrics Studies

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Among Gay Sex Workers: Nursing in Focus and Elderly Health

Submission: April 17, 2023;Published: May 02, 2023

DOI: 10.31031/GGS.2023.08.000690

ISSN 2578-0093
Volume 8 Issue 3


Goal: Expose and analyze the knowledge of the elderly about pre-exposure prophylaxis to HIV.
Method: This is a bibliographical review article carried out through an electronic search in two online databases: Scientific electronic library online (Sistema Scielo) and Lilacs. For this, the following health sciences Descriptors were used (DeCS): Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and HIV and Health of the Elderly and Nursing.
Results and Discussion: In these bases, 10 articles were found, and none responded to the objectives. The analysis showed that it is necessary for the elderly to know about pre-exposure prophylaxis to HIV, as this age group is also part of a key population vulnerable to infection. The analysis showed that in the next 20 years, Brazil will be the sixth largest population of elderly people in the world, it is important to emphasize that with the passage of time the number of people infected by the AIDS virus has only been increasing and in this it has shown a new facet of the epidemic in the age group. age 59 years of age or older.
Conclusion: It was observed that there is a need to create preventive and normative resources regarding the use of PreP in the elderly, as well as therapy, adherence, availability and purpose of the medication, in order to involve these individuals in the knowledge process.

Keywords:Pre-exposure prophylaxis; HIV; Health of the elderly; Nursing

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