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Gerontology & Geriatrics Studies

Roots of Population Aging and Gerontology: An Asian Perspective

Submission: February 17, 2020;Published: March 18, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/GGS.2020.05.000622

ISSN 2578-0093
Volume 5 Issue 5


The present research indicates how indispensably change in population variables takes place; the trend that eventually leads to longer life expectancy and as a result aging. Out of such constant change’s gerontology emerged the science evolving out of the improvement in longevity. So, we must always be prepared for more aging people. Countries like US in the year 1900 had only 4% of people aging 65+, and in 2000 the country had 14% of aging people. Public policies, medical services, improvement in food items, education, safe piped water and many more contributed to declining death rate; resulting in longer chance of life. Though aging increase first happened in advanced world, yet it has emerged in Asia in the past few decades too. However, though aging is increasing, yet many Asian countries are facing age-related issues shortage of pensions for the elderly people, shortage of nursing homes, lack of knowledge of the science of gerontology etc. What the Asian countries need is getting identified with behavioral gerontology and application of behavior analysis. What many aging people face at this stage of life is dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. They show aggressive behavior in many instances too. The method of research used in the present paper is of qualitative type. Similarly, it is concluded that due to the inevitable changes constantly appearing, change in population patterns appears too.

Keywords: Population variables; Longevity; Gerontology; Aging; Public policies

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