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Gerontology & Geriatrics Studies

ParallelyBuilding the S_T_A_R_S_Testers for Samplings Produce Health Care in Clinics Countries OECD

Submission: June 18, 2018Published: March 14, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/GGS.2019.04.000592

ISSN 2578-0093
Volume4 Issue4


The paper explores how various demographic and health factors have contributed to aging in Iran with particular attention to Tehran City wherein larger number of elderly people live. Iran’s ageing increase was likely unexpected since the last 60 years when reforms and modernization gradually started especially in Tehran in terms of education, health, medication, sanitation, water improvements etc. Gerotologically speaking, all these variables affected aging in quantitative terms. What the aging population need is improvement in quality of life and response to the safety and security needs of these newly-emerging people. The economic and health conditions of the aging people are among the challenges which need to be prioritized and n responded not only in Iran, but in other developing countries too. Due to the old demographic structure, norms and values in Iran, and safety and security of the ageing people lag behind in many respects which need to be renewed. However, the hidden elderly poverty needs to be reduced, and the challenges to be transformed into opportunities for such increasing people.

Keywords: Demographic and health factors; Ageing increase; Quality of life; Safety and security; Poverty reduction

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