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Gerontology & Geriatrics Studies

The Effectiveness of Tai Chi Exercises on Older Adults in Reducing Fear of Falling: An Evidence- Based Review Introduction

  • Open or CloseHassan Izzeddin Sarsak*

    Department of Occupational Therapy, Batterjee Medical College, Saudi Arabia

    *Corresponding author:Hassan Izzeddin Sarsak, Department of Occupational Therapy, Batterjee Medical College, Jeddah, KSA, Saudi Arabia

Submission: October 10, 2018;;Published: October 29, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/GGS.2018.04.000578

ISSN 2578-0093
Volume4 Issue1


Objectives: this study was conducted to examine and review the evidence available regarding the effectiveness of Tai Chi exercises in reducing the fear of falling in older adults.

Results: our review revealed four studies suggesting that in older adults with a fear of falling, the Tai Chi program compared to no or alternative traditional educational program may produce a greater significant reduction in fear of falling.

Conclusion: Tai Chi exercises are effective and reduce the fear of falling in older adults significantly. Keywords: Tai Chi; exercise; Education program; Older adults; Fear of falling

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