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Forensic Science & Addiction Research

Diffusion of New Treatments in Community Practice: Recommendations for Implementation

Submission: April 02, 2018; Published: June 19, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/FSAR.2018.03.000576

ISSN 2578-0042
Volume3 Issue5


Given increasing emphasis for the use of evidence-based treatment to psychological disorders, community providers are faced with the challenge of successfully implementing new practices. Although adopting a new approach may seem simple, empirical evidence reveals that 50% to 75% of all organization-wide change efforts fail. The need for effective implementation of new treatments is critical as patient well-being is directly impacted by the hopes and prayers of success or the realization of the proven failure rates of these kinds of efforts. The purpose of this commentary is to identify common implementation mistakes and provide recommendations for successful implementation.

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