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Experimental Techniques in Urology & Nephrology

Villoglandular Adenocarcinoma of Urethra with Negative CK7 Marker: Rare Disease in Atypical Location

Submission: September 19, 2019; Published: August 05, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/ETUN.2019.03.000551

ISSN: 2578-0395
Volume3 Issue1


Urethral cancer is a rare disease that affects predominantly males and the black race. The case report refers to a female patient of 75 years who had a history of dysuria and urethral pain. After an investigation with urethrocytoscopy and biopsy, a histopathological diagnosis of villograndular adenocarcinoma was identified. The immunohistochemical study identified the presence of beta-catenin and the absence of CK7 expression. In a literary review, few cases of this particularly histological type where published about the urethra and none of them exhibited the tumor marker CK7 negative.

Keywords: Adenocarcinoma; Urethra; Villograndular; CK7

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