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Examines in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Open Access

The Axioms of Normality

Sorin Godeanu*

Department of Information Systems, Romania

*Corresponding author: Sorin Godeanu, Department of Information Systems, Romania

Submission: September 16, 2021; Published: October 21, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/EPMR.2021.03.000564

ISSN 2637-7934
Volume3 Issue3


Patients with respiratory failure, with extensive post covid pulmonary fibrosis have recently appeared in the guard rooms. The installation of pulmonary fibrosis is a practically irreversible phenomenon that marks the patient’s existence, making him dependent on oxygen. These patients were admitted in ICU where they underwent, in order to survive, all the specific manoevers of ATI, including the administration of oxygen by the mask or by the orotracheal tube in high concentrations.
The histology of the alveolo-capillary space reacts to both viral aggression and high oxygen concentrations by forming a fibrotic tissue that prevents the passage of oxygen from the lungs to the blood. Therefore, this type of patient not only “benefited” from the severe clinical manifestations of Covid but receives as a bonus” pulmonary fibrosis a disability that turns life into a nightmare.
In order to avoid the occurrence of post covid complications, it is necessary to offer patients the possibility to make a form as easy (abortive) as possible, not allowing the viral infection to evolve into severe forms.
As a patient who went through the “valley of sighs” me too applied the simple rules of natural medicine, I suggest going through a protocol based on three AXIOMES that I call the AXIOMES of Normality, which being applied will determine the faster and easier form of the disease with the avoidance of complications. The axioms of normality represent the crystallization of an unceasing experience from confronting both viral and bacterial lung infections.

The first axiom

Materializes through intensive, fast, deep and efficient detoxification. The Elidor Friction- Orthogel Binomial is the suction pump for inflammatory factors located in the periphery. They are drained and directed to the renal tract, then eliminated. The practical methodology is simple: initially Elidor Friction is applied by systematic massage on the entire skin surface with the training of muscle groups for 5-7 minutes, with breaks of 15 minutes. If the patient feels a cold, cover him with blanket to prevent chills. The application of Orthogel follows on the same skin surface. Massage sessions are repeated at shorter (3h) or longer (6-8h) intervals depending on the severity of the disease. The similarity with the Finnish sauna is impressive, the peripheral vasodilation progresses in the depth of the tissues (at least 7cm) and determines the mobilization and drainage of aggressive and toxic inflammatory factors. Elimination of the toxic load offers the perspective of the directed immune response and dedicated to the life-threatening aggression factor. Renal detoxification mechanisms are effective if a sufficient amount of water with lemons of at least 3.5-4 l/24h is administered. It is necessary to monitor the diuresis to achieve the hydromineral balance. Our practical recommendation is water with lemon, 2l plain water with 7 lemons and 30gr grated ginger. Vit. C
(1000mg on tablets) is recommended 3-4 times/day. Elder Flower teas, plantain, mint is appropriate in the fight against the patient’s disease. Alkalizing juices counterbalance the acidity of the internal environment produced by viral aggression. Avoid hypohydration.

Second axioma-Anticoagulation

It is extremely important for the prevention of thromboembolic complications, against the background of hypercoagulation and sometimes dehydration (in anorexia the patient does not feel the need for food and drink, and in this clinical context, forgets to consume fluids). We used Fragmin 5000 IU 2 times/day (6- 18 hours). If the patient cannot use injectable anticoagulant, we propose the administration of 1 aspirin / 24h accompanied by antiulcer medication.

Third axioma, activation of the performant immune response (lymphocyte resuscitation)

Silva Subtilis Syrup intervenes operatively on the evolutionary sequences in the case of the affected lung (interstitial damage, pneumonic block, cough, intense congestion) We considered that Silva Subtilis Syrup intervenes on the lung evolutionary sequences Chlorophyll, from the composition of the syrup, ensures strong immunity and acts as an OXYGENATOR (extremely important for the lung drowned in water and with altered gas exchanges). Ramson-has organo-sulfur substances-methiine,aliin, polyphenols, flavonoids.
Diallyl disulfide and diallyl trisulfide have anti Corona virus action Sambucus Nigra-elder flower inhibits viral replication to Corona Virus Lime, acacia and horseradish flowers have antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal action through polyphenols, sulforaphane, terpenes
We recommend URSOMAX, as a phylogenetic activator of microbiome and diuretic, useful in reactivating lymphocytes and elimination of toxic inflammatory factors. We have always associated DEPUREX and PUROFORT as a “detoxification formula”. Our experience, over 10 years, has been welcome in septic patients.
As shown in the article RESOURCE TO THE METHOD, the clinical condition has improved, registering a favorable evolution without complications of any kind. The post covid recovery period, unlike other viruses, was prolonged and the tendency to return to normal was slower. I consider it is useful that any medical experience must be presented in order to be known, evaluated and applied in case its usefulness is found. Our recommendations do not exclude other types of treatment, the doctor and the patient being able to choose the variants that best suit the pathology and the moment in which we live.

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