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Evolutions in Mechanical Engineering

The Wrong Way to do It

Bruce E Saunders*

University of Bath, UK

*Corresponding author:Bruce E Saunders, 54 Ballance Street, Bath, BA1 2RP, United Kingdom

Submission: November 7, 2018;Published: November 26, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/EME.2018.02.000531

ISSN 2640-9690
Volume2 Issue1


Your interest is served by being in the words of our Maker, “thankful” for the use of the computer to make decisions that are lightly made without using the techniques of old. It is not about the right of all to do it but the right of some, who are allowed because they pass degree courses that are rightfully easier through the using of decision support mechanisms like “control and systems” for robotic movement.

It is through this that you are allowed to make all the rigorous usage of all the mechanisms at one desktop and that means allowing freedoms that were heretofore unallowable through the use of computers that need the cold air of the desert flowing through them to cool them and that makes a lot of sense, knowing the Big Blue was once a master of the chess board and now it can be beaten by human chess masters who use mechanisms called decisions to decide how to make it lose against other computers using master controls that allow the use of free will but not to win, but to decide who has won from the beginning of the game.

In the same way it is about time that they, that is engineers, owned up to being wildly under-qualified upon graduation to make decisions on the Nature of science. It is not about the right of all to participate. It is about the right of the one who isn’t necessary to stay out of participation in the process and that leaves a lot to the minds of those who need to make them/it – the product of the process. If you don’t understand the science behind the process then you do not understand the underlying principles that make it clear to those who use it to make them understand it is without doubt the one who does it who wants to be it, the maker and designer both, then it is right that they all need to be allowed to make the work seem possible without being called in to supervise the construction every time it is done and therefore a lot of work needs be done in order to make the process allowed by regulators.

It is without doubt the regulators who do not think about it themselves or they would insist on far more stringent criteria to be laid down at the outset for passing degrees such as mechanical engineering, which is worth thought indeed.

Without thought it is dangerous to believe one can do it, engineering that is and doing it requires backgrounds in all the necessary science disciplines that make the use of it the same as all the rest. It is not about the writing on the wall, it is about the right way of seeing it – with square eats from television screens and C.P.U. frenzies, or with natural ability which needs to be recognized and nurtured, again for the first time since they were able to wrote their names in spelling blocks on the floorboards of home.

This is where the British engineer is lacking and I believe it is elsewhere like France where school does not hold forth on the necessary subject matter to allow it to decide that is without knowing who to choose, they let all apply and hope they get the best against the odds without working on it too, that is without effort on the part of the authorities to ensure selection is done at school. Poor quality academics allow the work to continue in oppressing students from being strong in their live hoods and that means a lot do not make it into the trade when they graduate. The job search is difficult and that means a lot of time is spent on the curriculum vitae, drafting and re-drafting so that no one sees what a waste of time it is.

Either you can, or you can’t at that stage and how are you to prove it?

There is one thing that does not matter and that is the right of all to see, feel, hurt and lose and so there is no way of showing who is not winning when they are all winners and academic standards do not discriminate between students of differing abilities.

The scope available to different students in differing countries should also be taken into account. Not all people know the difference between tolerance and flow even though they should. Also, not everyone knows how to process the engine mountings and they should too. Or balance the flywheel and specify a bearing and they should, to say nothing of accounting for machine vibrations.

All these things are not a part of modern engineering as far as the graduate is concerned and this is a troubling situation. No sooner have you learned how than you forget again, so they say, but it is not true for you forget only the little details and the devil is there. You remember the God’s worth which the experience is of doing it and that makes it all soon to be recovered once you open a book which you find in a library provided your university has one, or in a student book store provided your university has one. This is not a joke. Fact – neither Bath nor Bristol Universities, both with five-star departments in mechanical engineering, have a book store for student use. You have to go to London where there is a single store. Amazon is no use for you cannot flick through the pages to see if it suits and it is not green to do so either and we all want that – that IS taught at university i.e. how to recycle paper by using the marked dustbin. The market for second hand textbooks must be immense.

I will begin in the end here and say we must ensure that all the required people are found and that means a lot of time here in present day, not in future times when the books have been burnt a la “Fahrenheit 451” by XXXXXXX. It is not joking that I make this call, for some do not know or appreciate the work involved in making engineering, so to speak, allowed to breathe and flourish.

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