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Examines in Marine Biology & Oceanography

Importance of Environmental Management Systems in Ensuring Continual Environmental Protection in Offshore Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Submission: January 29, 2020; Published: February 24, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/EIMBO.2020.03.000565

ISSN : 2578-031X
Volume3 Issue2


The present work highlights the importance and benefits of establishing and implementing Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in offshore upstream oil and gas industry. It focuses on the priorities in pollution prevention and summarizes the pollution prevention model together with its associated selection process. It also delineates the environmental management system main elements and steps in view of ISO 14001 and how they can be used to achieve continual environmental protection in offshore upstream oil and gas industry.

Keywords:Environmental management system; Offshore oil and gas industry; ISO 14001; Upstream oil and gas industry

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