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Examines in Marine Biology & Oceanography

Does a Shark’s Pectoral Fin Lowering Reflect a Human-Oriented Threat Display?

  • Open or Close Erich K Ritter1,2*

    1Department of Mathematics and Statistics, USA

    2Shark Research Institute, Princeton, USA

    *Corresponding author: Erich K Ritter, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Pensacola, USA

Submission: September 03, 2019; Published: June 27, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/EIMBO.2019.03.000555

ISSN : 2578-031X
Volume3 Issue1


Pectoral fin lowering among sharks has habitually been interpreted as a threat display towards humans. A different form of such lowering, called ‘pectoral burst,’ a quick drop of both pectoral fins into a vertical position for steering and accelerating purposes, is used to question this old threat display assumption, and a new interpretation is given about what lowered pectorals likely reflect.

Keywords: Agonistic display; Human; Hunching; Pectoral fin; Shark; Threat

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