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Examines in Marine Biology & Oceanography

Systematics and Extended Distribution of Metapenaeus Elegans De Man, 1907 in Coastal Water of India

  • Open or Close Angsuman Chanda*

    Raja NL Khan Women’s College, West Bengal, India

    *Corresponding author: Angsuman Chanda, Department of Zoology, Raja NL Khan Women’s College, Midnapur, Paschim Medinipur-721102, West Bengal, India

Submission: May 12, 2018 ; Published: May 29, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/EIMBO.2018.02.000527

ISSN: 2578-031X
Volume2 Issue1


Present study reveals that the prawn Metapenaeus elegans is an established species. The species has been described from Menado, Celebes during “Siboga Expedition” by De Man. Silas and Muthu has reported the species first time from Andaman Sea of Indian water. Still date the species has been reported from Andaman water by several authors. During the present study the species has been recorded from Andhra Pradesh coastal water of India. As such present study extends the distribution range of the species up to coastal water of Indian main land.

Keywords: Metapenaeus elegans, Distribution, Andaman, Andhra Pradesh

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