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Environmental Analysis & Ecology Studies

Sustainable Recommendations for Recycling Market Solid Waste with Special Reference to Panskura Municipality of Purba Medinipur District

PK Samanta*

Prabhat Kumar College, India

*Corresponding author: PK Samanta, Prabhat Kumar College, Purba Medinipur, Contai-721401, West Bengal, India

Submission: March 03, 2018;; Published: June 20, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/EAES.2018.03.000556

ISSN 2578-0336
Volume3 Issue2


With the increasing population, the demand for foods, vegetables, fishes, meat etc is growing day by day. To meet these demands there are several vegetable, fish and meat markets in cities and town. Panskura Station Market is one of the important remarkable markets not only in Purba Medinipur district but also in West Bengal. This vegetable market remains open every day twenty four hours. But the major import export to and from other parts occurs during 10pm to 10am. This is the peak time of the market during which about 500 truck full vegetables are imported and exported to the medium and small merchant of the nearby locality and towns. The vegetables are imported mostly from the nearby local agricultural field of Haur, Radhamohanpur, Shyamsundarpur Patna, Moyna, Bijaynagar and rural parts of Panskura Block. Fishes are imported from the local region, Moyna and also from Bilaspur and are exported to medium and small merchant of the surrounding region.

After this marketing a huge amount of wasted (fully or partially) vegetables are left and removed by the municipal corporation. These solid wastes remain unused and are lumped up in the selected area for waste disposal. However these solid wastes can be recycled for further use and betterment of the society and will make the city a clean one. Here are some recommendations:

A. The remnant vegetables can be processed to remove the rotten parts. These can be used as foods for the cows of the local cow farms. This will also reduce the milk production cost of the farm as well as reduce the solid waste of the city. The cow poop can be use to produce methane gas in gas biogas plant and this gas can be used for cooking.

B. The poop of the cows again can be feed to worms that make it a bio-fertilizer that enhances the fertility of soil and reduces toxicity.

C. The solid wastes from the fish markets like the gill cover, dorsal fin, anal fin, caudal fin, body scales etc of fishes and remnant meats parts can be used to feed the chickens of the local poultry farm. This will reduce the production cost of chicken. Moreover, it is also reported that when ducks are feed with the remnant fish wastes, their egg production efficiency also increases. This will enhance the supply of eggs. This will also help to keep the city clean and worst smell free and also improve the economic conditions of the local people.

D. Still there may be some other rotten solid wastes that cannot be recycled. These should be transported to far place from locality as early as the market time is over.

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