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Environmental Analysis & Ecology Studies

Pharmacological Activity from Pinus nigra

Submission: January 21, 2019; Published: December 17, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/EAES.2019.06.000643

ISSN: 2578-0336
Volume 6 Issue 4


Recent research has shown that treating diseases with dendrotherapy tree therapy) is not very simple. It has been proven that in some region’s trees in some way influence man, and in others, the same tree has different effects. For medicinal purposes, cones, resin and needles are used. Cone buds are picked in spring. They extract the essential oil or they can be dried. These are the source of essential oils used in disinfectants. The resin, which is harvested from the trunks, is distilled and provides turpentine oil for ointments and tuna. Products from pine buds have detoxifying action on the respiratory device. On the one hand, pine-based products stimulate the elimination of secretions and soothe cough, and on the other hand they have bronchodilators and relaxing effect on the upper airways.

Keywords: Pinus nigra; Pharmacological activity; Essential oils

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