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Environmental Analysis & Ecology Studies

On Efficiency of Application of Irrigation Systems with Low Intensity at Azerbaijan’s Slot Land

  • Open or Close Aliyev ZH*

    Institute of erosion and irrigation NAS of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan

    *Corresponding author: Aliyev ZH, Institute of erosion and irrigation NAS of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan

Submission: February 22, 2018; Published: September 27, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/EAES.2018.04.000586

ISSN: 2578-0336
Volume4 Issue3


The study of the world experience and the results of long-term experiments on drip irrigation systems in various climatic and soil conditions shows that the creation of irrigation systems of this type is effective and economically profitable irrigation of different perennials, vegetable, row and industrial crops, ornamental plantings, nurseries etc. drip irrigation has almost universal application, in particular, it is applicable where other irrigation methods use is impossible or ineffective:

  1. In difficult terrain and large lot slope (up to 45 degrees or more);
  2. In areas with prolonged drought and strong winds;
  3. Water resources in local with a relatively limited amount of water;
  4. On soils with low power and very low or high Hygroscopicity;
  5. On soils prone to salinization;
  6. When used for irrigation water with high content of water-soluble salts, etc.

Keywords: Duration; Drought; Wind spa; Local moistening; Loss; Drip irrigation

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