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Environmental Analysis & Ecology Studies

The Phenomenon of Sand Encroachment in the Region of Ain Sefra in the Saharan Atlas (South- Western of Algeria) Conditions and Factors

  • Open or Close Bouarfa Said1,2*, Bellal Sid Ahmed1 and Belmahi Mohammed Nadir1

    1 University of Oran, Algeria

    2 Center of Scientific and Technical Research on Arid Regions (CRSTRA), Campus Universitaire, Algeria

    *Corresponding author:Bouarfa Said, Center of Scientific and Technical Research on Arid Regions (CRSTRA), Campus Universitaire BP n° 1682 RP 07000, Biskra, Algeria, Fax: 033 52 20 90 & 52 20 92; Tel: 033 52 20 90 & 52 20 92; Email:

Submission: February 20, 2018; Published: August 10, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/EAES.2018.04.000570

ISSN 2578-0336
Volume3 Issue4


Nearly 20 million hectares are threatened by desertification in Algeria, where the sand is a real problem, especially in arid areas. Therefore, it was useful to analyze various parameters of Sand encroachment separately based on a confrontation between them in order to understand the mechanism of siltation in the study area. After citing the factors and conditions of the sand, we have processed the wind data and rainfall data coupled with the thermometer. The morphology, geological outcrops, the water system, and behavior of humans on the environment are also key factors that affect the sand. The sand was mainly negative impacts of greater or lesser importance depending on the environment and its components. The first impact that conditions other is the loss of biodiversity, among other impacts on ecosystems, we cite: the desertization, desertification, air pollution by sandstorms during certain times of the year, draining of water point, lowering of the groundwater level, food insecurity due to loss of productivity of land and pasture generating the impoverishment of local populations and their economic and social instability [1].

Keywords: Degradation; Desertification; Sanding; Economic; Erosion; Wind; Environment; Wind; Sand; Social

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