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Environmental Analysis & Ecology Studies

Determination of Climate Change Impacts on Local Scale

  • Open or Close Sıddık Cindoruk*

    Environmental Engineering Department, Uludag University, Turkey

    *Corresponding author: Sıddık Cindoruk, Environmental Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Uludag University, Turkey

Submission: May 09, 2018; Published: May 23, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/EAES.2018.02.000542

ISSN 2578-0336
Volume2 Issue4


The world and its inhabitants face the problem of climate change originated from increasing greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions in the atmosphere. The substantial increase of population, energy demand, transportation, urbanization, industrialization, destruction of green areas, and deforestation cause to greenhouse effect leading to climate change. Climate change impacts and the level of response by inhabitants are of great importance in terms of mitigation and adaptation. Climate change mitigation means to decrease the intensity and the potential effects of global warming, while adaptation is harmonization to global warming involves acting to tolerate the actual or expected effects.

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