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Micelle-Stabilized Transition State in the Aqueous Asymmetric Organocatalysis

  • Open or CloseAndrás A Gurka*

    Department of Organic Chemistry, Hungary

    *Corresponding author: András A Gurka, Department of Organic Chemistry, Hungary

Submission: May 28, 2022;Published: June 20, 2022


Micelle-stabilized transition state with direct participation of a water molecule is proposed to explain the explored dual stereocontrol in the asymmetric aldol reactions of acetone with different aldehydes catalyzed by amphiphilic proline derivatives in aqueous media. According to the proposed model a water molecule stimulates the concerted bond reorganization in the transition state. The proposed mechanism has universal character, and it is applicable to all enamine-based asymmetric organocatalytic reactions carried out not only in aqueous, but in organic media as well.

Keywords:Micelle; Amphiphilic proline derivative; Six-membered ring; Dual stereocontrol; Enantioselectivity/p>

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