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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

Human Joints and Skin Surfaces Random Lubrication Implemented by Run in Electro- Magnetic and Acoustic Emission Field

Submission: March 31, 2022;Published: April 29, 2022


The topic of the case study presented concerns the influences of the pulsed Electro-Magnetic (EM) and Acoustic Emission (AE) field treatments on the human cartilage joints surfaces [1-11], limited by the two Phospholipid Bilayers (PL).The human random hydrodynamic sweat lubrication is considered in the thin gap between the human skin and tightly fitting sport-dress surface [9]. Moreover, relations are presented between decrements of bio-liquid dynamic viscosity and consequences resulting after various joint diseases. The thesis is proved here, i.e. running in the presence of EM and AE fields, increases the dynamic viscosity of bio-lubricant liquids and sweat, thus it increases energy burn, metabolism and, finally, it leads to the decrements of the body weight and hence it accelerates the slimming process [9].

Keywords:Run walk training; Variable EM and AE field-therapy; HS lubrications; PL interactions; Magneto electronic devices; Bone dias; AE therapy and diagnosis; Slimming process and betterments after therapy effects

Abbreviations:EM: Electro-Magnetic; AE: Acoustic Emission; PL: Phospholipid Bilayers; GSA: Gland Sweat African; AFM: Atomic Force Microscopy; SF: Synovial Fluid; HS: Human Sweat; BMI: Body Mass Index; HMA: Human Metabolic Age ; BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate

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