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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

Bio-Compatibility Advantages of Silver Nanoparticles Fabricated on the Ground of Synthetic Fulvic and Humic Acids

Submission: January 29, 2022;Published: March 01, 2022


Silver and gold nanoparticles are synthesized in our group on the basis of synthetic Humic Substances (HSs) using them as stabilizing and reducing agents. The nanosynthesis process is optimized controlling concentration of synthetic HS’s, metal salts, sodium hydroxide and temperature by means of UV–visible absorption in order to attain better yield, controlled size and stability of nanoparticles. At the optimal reaction conditions the concentrated noble metal colloids are obtained with a high yield which are stable during years. Combination in one nano-object of the nanosized metal core and biologically active matrix of organic humic polymer provides a nice perspective for creation of new class of multifunctional drugs with synergetic enhancement of various therapeutic properties. Penetration through many membranes appends to nanoparticles a good vehicle property and provides their potential in drug delivery. But their intrinsic foreignness to living cells and attendant toxicity still hinder the broader silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) implementions in clinics. Nanoparticle’s bio-conjugation with amino acids and proteins permits to diminish AgNP toxicity and open the door to their clinical applications. The silver nanoparticles fabricated with synthetic fulvic, and humic acids have many advantages in comparison with the natural analogous of AgNP corona substances.

Keywords:Nanoparticles; Synthetic fulvic; Humic acids; Temperature; Polymer; Multifunctional drugs

Abbreviations:HSs: Humic Substances; ROS: Reactive Oxygen Species

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