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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

Evaluation of Conventional Antibiotics and Ocimum gratissimum /Metallic Sulfur Mediated Nanoparticles Against Endophytic Leguminous Bacteria and Selected Clinical Isolates

Submission: March 18, 2020;Published: July 29, 2020


The purpose of this research work is to isolate, identify and characterize organisms from in the endosphere of leguminous plants, determine the susceptibility pattern of endophytic bacteria to two sulfur nanoparticles synthesized in the presence and absence of Ocimum gratissimum, to compare the antibiotic susceptibility assay of isolated bacteria using Cephalosporin (oxoid) and multiple susceptibility disc.

Keywords:Conventional antibiotics; Ocimum gratissimum; Metallic sulfur mediated nanoparticles; Endophytic leguminous bacteria

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