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The Comparative Study of the Sway of Effect Pulse Energies of Pathways on AHSS-DP 350/600 and Simulation

  • Open or CloseBaidoo Philip*

    Department of Mechanical & Automotive Technology Education, Ghana Introduction

    *Corresponding author:Baidoo Philip, Department of Mechanical & Automotive Technology Education, Ghana

Submission: February 24, 2020;Published: March 02, 2020


Fatigue crack growth test was executed to determine fatigue behavior in the metallic plates of AHSSDP350/ 600. However, this new material is widely used these days in medical instruments and automobile manufacturing industries, henceforth controlling fatigue character is a major challenge in the production unit. The influence of laser shock peening with multiple choice of pulse energies on AHSSDP350/ 600 was investigated comparatively with simulation. The research work done of LSP 3D hitches of industrialized of a 3D non-lined model of Finite Element Model (FEM) grounded in the ABAQUS/ Explicit software improvement of material properties was the ultimate objective. Measuring compared of both residual stress and fatigue cycle behavior comparatively to simulation was performed. It resulted that the compressive residual stress can be injected into the outer layer of the specimen, with LSP pulse energy of S20J, S30J, D20J, and D30J of experimental work done on the specimens correlated well with the simulation.

Keywords: Finite element model; AHSS-DP350/600; Laser shock peening; Simulation; Pulse energy; Residual stress

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